Which state schools do not charge an OOS rate? And will also give merit?

Please name state schools that do not charge an OOS rate. Bonus points if the school also will award merit (please mention if the school does!)

Albany State
Alcorn State
Bemidji State University
Brown and Gold at Wyoming
Central Michigan University
Chadron State (Nebraska)
Clemson (Study Abroad)
Eastern Illinois University
Elizabeth City State University
Ferris State University
Florida State University (first year abroad program)
Fort Valley State
Georgia Tech (study Abroad)
Jackson State
Langston University - waives out-of-state fees at a 3.0 gpa
Minot State University
Mississippi Valley State
Mississippi University for Women (now coed)
Montclair State University
Northern Illinois U
Northwest Missouri State
Oregon State University- DOES charge OOS tuition, but also offers pretty good scholarships
Peru State College in Nebraska
Savannah State
Southeast Missouri State
Southern Illinois University
Texas Tech (if you get 1K in scholarship you get instate tuition)
University of Arkansas
University of Central Arkansas
University of Louisiana
University of Maine at Orono
University of Minnesota- Crookston
University of Minnesota - Morris
University of Montevallo
University of New Mexico
University of North Texas
UNC Pembroke
U of SC (in-state rates to high stat students)
University of Southern Mississippi
UW Oshkosh
University of Wyoming
Valdosta State - in state for states that border Georgia
Western Carolina University
West Texas A&M
Western Illinois University
Winona State

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All state schools charge OOS tuition. Some will waive the OOS differential if a student is from a state with which it has an enrolment agreement. Other schools will waive the OOS differential if the student meets published GPA and SAT/ACT thresholds.

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Actually this isn’t true. There are some state schools, usually directionals, that do not charge an OOS rate. I’m asking for people who know of such schools to please list them. (And of course I know that some OOS schools have the policies that you mentioned.)


Western Illinois University has the same tuition for OOS as instate.
And it also gives merit scholarships for rather modest stats to further reduce costs.

Peru State College in Nebraska. Very low tuition… OOS same as instate.

Resident & Nonresident  Fall    Spring  Annual
Tuition   $2,760    $2,760  $5,520
Required Fees   $1,092  $1,092  $2,184
Housing $2,346  $2,346  $4,592
Meal Plan   $2,248  $2,248  $4,496
Books & Supplies    $ 600   $ 600   $1,200
Transportation  $ 768   $ 768   $1,536
Personal    $ 704   $ 704   $1,408
Estimated Total Cost    $10,518 $10,518 $20,936

And they give merit for GPA

Peru State College’s 2019-2020 Invest in Success Awards for Freshman

Scholarship GPA/4.0 Award
Chancellors 3.8 $8,000 ($2,000/yr)
Presidents  3.4 $7,000 ($1,750/yr)
Deans   3.0 $6,000 ($1,500/yr)
TJ Majors   2.6 $4,000 ($1,000/yr)
Success Award Calculator

Minot State University

All students pay Minot State’s in-state tuition rate!

Total Annual Estimated Costs
Undergraduate students  (2019-2020)
Annual tuition & fees 
Residence halls 
Unlimited meal plan 
Total annual estimated costs

PLUS!! Automatic merit scholarships…use link and scroll down!

Bemidji State University
A lakeside campus with underground tunnels connecting their buildings.
Direct costs (Tuition, fees, room & board) $17,600/yr
Auto Merit Aid ($500/yr to $2,500/yr)

Mississippi University for Women (now coed). Direct costs under $16,000. They do have automatic for stats scholarships ranging from $750 to $4000 a year.

Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI
Tuition: $12,068 - $12,656 depending on fresh, soph, jr, sr - price goes up
Housing: approx. $6000 depending on your choice
platinum meal plan: $5,246
Here is merit aid info, not sure it’s automatic or not.

Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI
Tuition: $11,128
Room and board: $10,370
Presidential scholarship - competitive merit
4Ward Graduation Scholarship - not sure if it’s automatic
The above rates apply to all US and Canada

Ferris State (Michigan). Direct costs ~$22,500. Scholarships for stats (automatic?):

University of Minnesota- Crookston


There are auto-merit scholarships as well.

Almost the same rate - instate tuition plus $1 per credit for OOS students (including international): Chadron State (Nebraska). Direct costs for OOS/international: ~$15,500. Scholarships for stats are competitive:

CSC Presidential Academic Scholarships
To be considered for the following Presidential Academic Scholarships, see the How to Apply instructions above. Deadline to apply is January 15.

Gold Presidential Scholarship
Students with a 25 or above ACT or 1200+ SAT score and a 3.0+ grade point average may be eligible to receive four-year full tuition waiver and $600 Leadership Room Waiver.

Eagle Presidential Scholarship
Students with a 23+ ACT/1130+ SAT score, and a 3.0+ grade point average may be eligible to receive four-year half tuition waiver and $500 Leadership Room Waiver

Silver Presidential Scholarship
Students with a 21+ ACT/1060+ SAT score, and a 3.0+ grade point average may be eligible to receive four-year quarter tuition scholarship and $500 Leadership Room Waiver

Southern Mississippi’s OOS tuition is just a couple of thousand dollars more for OOS than instate. It’s free for students with a 30ACT or above.

West Texas A&M charges about $10k tuition a year to OOSers.

University of Minnesota - Morris used to have no out-of-state extra tuition, but now has out-of-state extra tuition of $2,054, raising the overall cost estimate from $24,860 (in-state) to $26,914 (out-of-state). For MSEP students, the out-of-state extra tuition is $1,040, with an overall cost estimate of $25,900. Some places have reciprocity agreements that allow students from there to pay the in-state tuition.


Although University of Wyoming has OOS rates, it may surprise some Illinois residents that the OOS COA at U of Wyoming is roughly what IL in-state costs.

Estimated UW Direct Costs = $29,158 for OOS


U of Wyoming offers the Brown and Gold Commitment Scholarship for non-resident first year students. It’s not clear to me whether this is a four year scholarship or one year.

The scholarship amount is based on ACT/SAT scores and HS Unweighted GPA and comes in four levels: $10.5k, $7k, $4k, $2K


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The Brown and Gold at Wyoming (used to be Rocky Mt Scholars) is each year, for 4 years (8 consecutive semesters), and requires a 3.0 to retain it. The COA might be listed at $29k, but my daughter never paid anywhere close to that. Almost everything is included with your student fees (or at a reduced rate), including D1 football and basketball, theater, music concerts, Friday night activities and shows. There are also department scholarships and alum scholarships that are awarded pretty liberally. Everyone who does study abroad gets $1k-$2k from Dick Cheney (and the semester in London is $9k for everyone, instate or OOS).

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UofSC gives in-state rates to high stat students

A fantastic deal is FSU ‘s first year abroad program. You gotta pay $45k for that first year as OOS. But then you get in state tuition!

U of Maine at Orono was offering in-state matching tuition deals.